Co-opping Dads Find Support at Preschool

My son and I have been at Little Wonders for two years and have really enjoyed our experiences there. My son looks forward to seeing familiar faces and playing with familiar toys, but I find that I also look forward to going to class for altogether different reasons.

Going to a co-op school has many advantages, but I really find the parent education component at my son’s preschool very rewarding. Each week their teachers will discuss important aspects of child development and help relate it to your own personal issues with your children. Raising children offers many challenges and they always seem to have great tools to help you overcome those challenges. Continue reading Co-opping Dads Find Support at Preschool

Play-based Learning: Not Just for Kids

By Mauricia Savella

A few weeks after the arrival of her second child, one of the moms in our classroom at our co-op preschool lamented that despite her best efforts, her three-year-old son wasn’t taking it all as well as she had hoped. He wasn’t just disinterested in the baby—he seemed to downright dislike him, and had on more than one occasion become physically aggressive towards her as she stood changing her newborn’s diaper or sat nursing. “Of course I get that our routine is off, and that’s hard for them at this age, but the anger I just don’t get—he’s never been an angry kid.” Continue reading Play-based Learning: Not Just for Kids

Life with my Daughter

By Mollie Whiteman

Life with my daughter, Nora has always been an adventure. Her terrible twos started at 18 months, with tantrums that left her crying til she couldn’t catch her breath. But she was also intelligent and verbal, reciting numbers and the alphabet.

At three, despite a year of one-day-a-week mommy-and-me style preschool, Nora was still prone to tantrums and uncertain around other children. At times we thought she was almost afraid of them. Continue reading Life with my Daughter