Embracing Boredom

By Mireille Mckee

“Mom… I’m bored!” How many times have we heard this battle cry? What kinds of responses does it elicit from us? Many parents feel they have to rescue children from boredom, and many more feel that by scheduling lots of activities for their children they will prevent it. But is boredom really a bad thing? Child development experts and a growing number of parents are starting to view boredom as important to a child’s emotional growth and well-being and warn against the danger of over-scheduling our young children. Continue reading Embracing Boredom

Slow Down and Connect

By Mireille McKee

In this fast-paced, multi-tasking world, in which the push to do more and do it faster is pervasive, it is no surprise that families are feeling disconnected and even our youngest children are feeling the stress of this “hurry up” society. Throughout the past few years there has been a growing awareness of the dangers of over-scheduling our children, and of the need to slow ourselves down and be more present with our families. I talk to many parents who are feeling this stress and are anxious about the lack of family time. How much more challenging family life has become! Continue reading Slow Down and Connect