Yesteryear’s Neighborhood in Today’s Co-op

by Carol Cross-Phillips

Times have changed so much. Many of us remember a childhood where screen doors flung open and the children in the neighborhood raced down the street to meet up with all the other kids. There wasn’t usually a plan, a schedule, or even a set location to meet. Someone might bring a ball, someone might bring a shoebox with a newly caught praying mantis, and the fun would just begin. Parents didn’t worry. In fact, they often pushed the kids out with the all-too-familiar nudge, “Go!! Play outside!” Children romped from hillside to backyard to creek to the climbing tree. They got messy, they explored, they dug in the dirt; they made pretend perfumes and mudpies. Continue reading Yesteryear’s Neighborhood in Today’s Co-op

Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten

By Denise Yellen Ganot

You don’t have to pay someone to prepare your child for kindergarten.

Read with your child. As you read, practice good reading habits. Point to words to show one-to-one correspondence. Children will learn to recognize words over time. Read with expression. Read often. Expose your child to a variety of genres: poetry, humor, mystery, nonfiction, fiction, fairytales, etc. Continue reading Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten