The California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools is hosting the annual parent/teacher convention in San Mateo, March 6-7. For more, tap here or the image for details. 

Looking for a Co-op Preschool on the Peninsula?

Our council has 12 member schools on the Peninsula open to children from birth to age 5.

Why a Cooperative Preschool?

  • Children thrive in a Co-op setting. In each classroom, trained teachers are supported by parents. With more adults in the classroom than a traditional drop-off preschool, co-ops are able to offer more activities, choices, and direct supervision while children learn through play. And because parents are directly involved in running the school, they are able to support their child while he or she learns independence.
  • The teachers are there for you. Co-op teachers are always present in the classroom to educate the parents as well as the children. They are a wonderful resource when a parent needs help, information, and coaching.
  • It’s a fantastic way to be part of a community. A co-op preschool is run by parent participation and involvement. Each school day is a chance to collaborate with other parents, teachers and the school director.

Be a part of your child’s earliest school memories!

Join us at the Convention March 6-7!

Calling all parents, teachers, and early childhood professionals! This annual statewide convention, focused on early childhood development and early learning, and hosted by the California Council of Parent Participation Nursery Schools, is just two weeks away, right here in San Mateo!
Join us for one or both days of this incredible convention, and connect in, learn from, and be inspired by the many engaging and informative lectures and workshops.
We’ll have two amazing keynote speakers to start each day:
  • Friday: Teacher Tom – an expert on play-based curriculum
  • Saturday: Michele Borba – an internationally recognized educator focusing on strengthening children’s character and resilience.

Then fill your days with the many workshops available – there is something for everyone including:

  • The Importance of Play in Working with Young Children
  • How to Build Strong Brains through Movement
  • Survival Tips for Parents
  • Kids Yoga – Nurturing Minds and Bodies On and Off the Mat
  • Designing and Implementing Your Own TinkerSpace
  • Raising Children in a Gender-Inclusive World
  • Using Mindfulness to Connect as a Family Indoors and Outdoors
  • Temperament – Why Feisty is Fabulous
  • Building a Culture of Digital Citizenship
And those are just a few of the 35+ workshops available. You’ll find other topics on literacy, mindfulness, resilience, growth mindset, exclusionary play, positive discipline, healthy marriages, music, sleep, creative thinking, and so much more!
Check out the 2020 Vision Convention website to learn more about the workshops, vendors, and events, and REGISTER TODAY!
See you there!